Aggravation Alleviation

  • You are trying to get your Amazon Echo or Google Home device to turn on that hallway light and it won't work.

  • You have 5 remotes for your TV and 300 channels and you haven't watched TV in a year because it's too frustrating.

  • You just want to know how bad the traffic is to the airport BEFORE you leave the house.

  • You want to listen to your music to suit your mood and you want it to be easy.

Call us. We take all the aggravation out of setting this up so you don't have to do it. When we are done it just works. The way you want it too.

Personal Alert Networks

Voice automation adds a level of freedom and control beyond traditional solutions.


It can also add a level of safety by allowing those special to you to have their own personal alert network.


Help can be a simple shout away!